About Remy


4 year-old Samoyed rescued by Lifelong Animal Protection in Jan 2019 from a puppy mill in HK.


Second chances are everything

Remy was caged his whole life in a puppy mill in Hong Kong until we adopted him early 2019. We found Remy through Lifelong Animal Protection's Instagram post and immediately fell in love with this polar bear.

He's extra small and fun sized because he never got to run around and exercise. He's partially shaved because they neglected to take care of his fur and he had hundreds of ticks burrowed in his skin that needed to be removed when he was finally rescued.



Before + After 

Love is strength

Despite all of these lemons life threw at him, he's healthy and smiles through it all. Remy is actually a tough guy although he may look like a not-so-tough fluffy bear. What I love the most about Rem is his kindness and his gentleness towards everything and everyone. Even with having a hard past, he has always stayed soft and loving and that takes a lot of strength.